Specimen Letter One

Penang, June 20, 2000

Dear Sirs, 

We are in the market for Melon Seeds of the first and second grade, and should be appreciated if you let us have your offers with some representative samples by airmail. When offering the seeds, please state the earliest possible time of shipment and quantities available.

Yours faithfully,



    This is a short and simple letter of enquiry for you to get acquainted with the general form.


 Specimen Letter Two

Dear Sirs,             

We are pleased to tell you that we are interested in hand-made gloves in a variety of genuine leather. Recently there is a growing demand here for gloves of high quality at our end. Although sales are not particularly high, good price can be obtained.

We wish you would send us a copy of your illustrated catalogue of the gloves we wish to buy, together with details of your price and terms of payment. We should find it most helpful if you could also supply samples of the various leather, of which the gloves are made.

Yours faithfully,



    This is a letter of inquiring for leather gloves, in which the writer asks for sales terms and samples.


Specimen Letter Three

Dear Sirs,    

Please let us know at what price per yard and upon what terms of payment, you are able to deliver quantities of Printed Cotton made in China. If your quotation is favorable, we propose to cover all our present requirements through you.

Yours truly,



    This is another short and simple letter of enquiry. Remember to keep your enquiry brief, specific, courteous and to the point.


  Specimen Letter Four

Dear Sirs,    

Thank you for your letter of May 4th and your interest in our products. A copy of our illustrated catalogue has been sent to you today, in which you will find samples of some skins we regularly use in our manufactures. Unfortunately, we cannot send you immediately a full range of samples, but you may agree, after checking them, that such skins as chamois and doeskin, not represented in the parcel, are of the same high quality.

Mr. Li, our sales representative, will be in Tehran early next month and will be pleased to call on you. He has brought with him a wide range of our manufacturers and, when you see them, we think you will agree that the quality of the materials used and the high standard of craftsmanship will appeal to the most selective buyers.

We also manufacture a wide range of hand-made leather handbags in which we hope you may be interested. They are fully illustrated in the catalogue and are of the same high quality as our gloves. Mr. Li will show you the samples when he calls on you.

We look forward very much to the pleasure of receiving an order from you.

           Yours sincerely,
           China National Import and Export Corp.




    In this letter, the writer answers the enquiry in detail. Even though the writer does not say how good their products are, we can see clearly from the lines that the writer thinks of his products highly.


Specimen Letter Five

Changsha Machinery & Equipment
Import & Export Corp.

256 Wuyi Road

Dear Sirs,

Re: Parts of Machine Type B-268

Thank you for your letter of March 15th,2000 and the enclosure requesting
quotes for parts of the captioned machine.

As requested, we are submitting our quotation in triplicate and wish
you to place your order with us as early as possible because we have
a large backlog.

We await your early reply.

Yours sincerely,



    When replying the enquiry, the writer submits his quotation.


Specimen Letter Six

20th January 2000

China National Import and Export Corp.


Our Ref: CT-JB
Your Ref: 213 WH/gh

Dear Sirs,

     Messrs. Brother and Clark of this city inform us that you are exporters of all cotton bed-sheets and pillowcases. We would like you to send us details of your various ranges, including sizes, colors and prices, and also samples of the different qualities of material used.

     We are large dealers in textiles and believe there is a promising market in our area for moderately priced goods of the kind mentioned.

     When replying, please state your terms of payment and discount you would allow on purchases of quantities of not less than 100 dozen of individual items. Prices quoted should include insurance and freight to Liverpool.

                                    Yours sincerely,
                                    United Textiles Limited



    This is a very good example of enquiry letter to follow, sentence are short, words and phrases simple. But the meaning expresses very clearly.


Specimen Letter Seven

Our Ref: 213 WH/gh
Your Ref: CT/BJ

United Textiles Ltd.
York House
Green Street

Dear Sirs,

     We are very pleased to receive your inquiry of 20th August and enclose our illustrated catalogue and price list giving you the details asked for. Also by separate post we are sending you some samples and feel confident that when you have examined them you will agree that the goods are both excellent in quality and reasonable in price.

     On regular purchase in quantities of not less than 200 dozen of individual item we would allow you a discount of 2%. Payment is to be made by irrevocable L/C at sight.

     Because of their softness and durability, our cotton bed-sheets and pillowcases are rapidly becoming popular and after studying our prices you will learn that we are finding it difficult to meet the demand. But if you place your order not later than the end of this month, we would ensure prompt shipment.

     We invite your attention to our other products such as table-cloth and table napkins, details of which you will find in the catalogue, and look forward to receiving your first order.

Yours sincerely
China National Import and Export Corp.



    The writer in this letter gives details of the goods and the sales terms. While showing comments on the goods, the writer invites the buyer's attention to his other products. This is often used in letter-writing.


Specimen Letter Eight

Port Sudan, June 28, 2000

Dear Sirs,


     Thank you for your letter of June 18. We note with pleasure that you intend to develop business with us in the captioned goods.

     We have gone through your catalogue and find that Cotton Table-Cloths Art No.510 and No. 514 are of interest to us. We shall be pleased if your quotation also indicate the quantities of the various sizes that you can supply for prompt delivery. If your prices are reasonable and quantity satisfactory, we shall consider placing substantial orders.

     We have handled Table-Cloths for more than twenty years and have good connections all over this country. We have also some associated firms in the neighboring countries, where we can find a ready market for your products as well. 

     We trust you will give this enquiry your immediate attention and let us have your reply at early date.

Yours sincerely,



    1. This letter responds to seller's sales promotion letter by inviting an offer and ends up with remarks to secure better terms and encourage future business.


    2. Note how the writer presents his rather strict demands in a friendly, sincere, and matter-of-fact attitude to make his letter effective in both business and human aspects.