In this part there are many useful words, expressions and sentence patterns that are used in business letter writing. We offer these sentences for you to learn from and hope that they will be helpful in your letter writing study.

1. Your advertisement in this month's issue of "China's Foreign Trade" interests us and we should like to receive full details of your offer.

2. We have seen your advertisement in "The Overseas Journal" and should be glad to have price lists and details of your terms.

3. We would like to purchase your Silver Spoons as advertised in the June 5 "New York Times".

4. It would be appreciated if you would quote your best prices DES Hamburg for the Chairs as advertised in Monday's "Times" and, at the same time, let us know the earliest possible date you can make shipment.

5. We are interested in the Mechanical Toys demonstrated at the recent Zurich Trade Fair and should be glad to have details of your export terms.

6. We have just received an enquiry from a buyer in Singapore.

7. One of our customers is interested in the Model 135, and we would like to receive a sample and quotation.

8. One of our clients takes interest in your products and wishes to have your quotations for the items specified below:

9. We are in the market for the Jack Knife illustrated in your Catalogue No.4.Please quote us your lowest price with the best discount and the date of delivery.

10. Please quote your lowest prices c. i. f. Singapore for each of the following items, inclusive of our 3% commission. 

11. Enclosed please find samples of our Nylon Table Runners. If you are able to supply us with 5,000 dozen, we would be pleased to have you quote the lowest prices DEQ Kobe.

12. The articles we require are listed on the attached sheet. If you have them in stock, please tell us the quantity and also the lowest CFR Hong Kong price.

13. Some of our customers are interested in your Canned Goods and we wish to have your CIF quotations with samples and full particulars.

14. We shall be pleased if you will send us the lowest quotations for the following:

15. Please send us the best offer by fax indicating packing, specifications, quantity available and the earliest time of delivery.

16. We have pleasure in enclosing our Enquiry No.393-6 against which you are requested to make us an offer on FOBST basis. 

17. If you can supply goods of the type and quality required, we may place regular orders for large quantities.

18. We hope that your prices will be workable and that business will result to our mutual advantage.

19. We look forward to placing further orders with you, and trust that you will make every effort to satisfy our particular requirements.

20. We are interested in Hand-Made Gloves in a variety of genuine leather, will you send us a copy of your catalogue with details of your prices and terms of payment.

21. As we are approached by our clients who are in need of Paper Cutting Knives, 45"X5"X1/2". we should like to know if you are able to supply these special specifications. If your answer is in the affirmative, please quote us your best price and let us know the minimum quantity for each order.